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At Stuart School of Business, our faculty, students, and staff connect with industry professionals in Chicago—and globally—through industry and professional events, career and recruiting opportunities, student projects, faculty research partnerships, and more.

Feedback from industry professionals drives Stuart’s innovative, strategically competitive curriculum—preparing graduates to succeed in the next economy—and creates a global community to help launch our students’ careers. Based on this forward-thinking approach, Stuart’s graduates are uniquely prepared to deliver value to companies that rely on analytical, data-driven, quantitatively-based, and technologically-oriented professionals.

Learn how your company can benefit from partnering with Stuart:

  • Recruit and hire Stuart students for internships, co-ops, and/or full-time careers
  • Partner with the Advancing Career and Education (ACE) workplace immersion program to receive project-based support from Stuart graduate students
  • Speak at or attend industry events and roundtables
  • Work with students through capstone projects
  • Connect with Stuart faculty through research centers

Contact for more information on opportunities to partner with the Stuart School of Business.